Springrock Farm
Middle Tennessee Breeders of Registered Jacob Sheep
2020 Lambs 
We feel as though the lambs we have listed are the most promising breeding stock from our 2020 season.  However, some of these may be pulled from the list if they mature poorly and others may be added later in the summer.  If you are interested in someone, please contact us.  We would be happy to give you more photos and information on the lamb and mark them as "Under Consideration" for you.  There is no obligation to purchase with this status; however, you would be considered first in line for that animal should they mature into something desirable.  Should you be interested in a lamb that is marked as "Under Consideration", contact us anyway as they may become available later.  Deposits of 50% will be accepted after August 1, truly securing that animal in your name, marking it as "Deposit Made."  This deposit is non-refundable unless something happens to the animal before you receive it. The balance of the purchase price plus any vet fees and transportation costs will be due upon either delivery or pickup.  We guarantee all lambs to be registerable with the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association or a full refund will apply. 

Please visit our Facebook page "Springrock Farm Jacob Sheep to see our lambs. 

​If you don't have access to Facebook please email us at springrockfarm@nctc.com.