Springrock Farm
Middle Tennessee Breeders of Registered Jacob Sheep
Not every lamb that is born here carries all the qualities that make excellent breeding stock. Each year we cull those animals that don’t make the cut. Many of them tend to have gorgeous fleeces. Those we make into skins. At this time, we ask that you contact us for more specific information on any products in which you are interested. Currently we have available: 

Raw fleeces, both lamb and adult 
                • Jacob Light, the palest of gray/white
                • Jacob Gray, classic flannel gray
                • Jacob Dark, dark chocolate
                • Jacob Brindle,white/medium/dark laid side-by-side 
Skins, large and small (Contact us to order)
Natural horn
              •Hand-made buttons, earrings, shawl pins, necklaces 


We strive to produce animals with lustrous, crimpy, open fleeces. Our nicest fleeces are sold raw each year, and in the past, they have gone quickly. We separate other fleeces into color for processing and offer various shades of naturally colored roving.
Come see our fleeces at the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival
Fiber in the Boro